At Mid-State, our Mechanical Department is known as the most elite and cutting edge in its class

Our level of experience and technical capabilities is unseen elsewhere in the Mechanical Market.

Our Mechanical Department is located in a 18,000-square foot enclosed facility where state of the art machinery, systems and unimaginable capabilities are housed. All of our engineering and building is done in house and is meticulously handled by an expert team of seasoned engineers that produce grandiose final products around the clock, 24/7.

Our services include the assembly of projects that are fabricated and machined. The disassembly, evaluation, repair and assembly of industrial equipment such as gear reducers, valves, crushers, hammer mills and beyond. As well, as the performance of tests on assemblies as required in contract and O.E.M. specifications. In our facility, we have handling systems which include overhead cranes that manage up to 35 tons and a pressing capacity through 1,000 tons.

Mid-State’s Mechanical capabilities are colossal and what has been described above is only the tip of the iceberg as we offer more and house even more. In response, all of our customers are returning customers and overwhelmingly satisfied customers, as our quality of work, craftsmanship and quick-turn-around is unprecedented. Our professionalism, knowledge and decades of experience in Mechanics is immeasurable and serves as testimony to Mid-State’s elite class.

No matter how demanding the project, Mid-State is equipped to deliver outstanding, cutting edge services and products. Contact us today and find out what our Mechanical Department can do for you.

Pump Services

Mid-State supports Power, Mining, Sand and Gravel Industrial Pumps. We have in-house Balancing and Hydro-Testing and in-house machining capabilities. Pumps can be totally repaired or manufactured and we offer services to bring pumps back to OEM Standards. An example of pumps we repair are: Open Cooling Water Pumps, Liquid Acid Pumps, Split Case Pumps, Single and Multi-Stage Pumps and much more. Our staff is highly experienced and expertly trained.

In our facilities, there is a dedicated Pump Rebuild Area. We have various factory alliances which include: Lewis Direct, Hazleton Direct, Warman, Galigher and ASH. We also rebuild pumps from other brands such as: Peerless, Couch, MWI, Bryon Jackson and more. Mid-State’s repair shop is Timken Bearing Certified and we include warranty for one year on labor and workmanship.

If you are interested in manufacturing a pump or in need of repair, contact us today and find out what Mid-State can do for you.


At Mid-State, we offer complete repair services available to housings, shafts and gearing components. We build, rebuild and repair all makes of Industrial Speed Increasers and Reducers, including IDC, Falk, EIW, Lufkin, Lightning, Chemineer, Brevini, Amarillo, Marley, and others. We offer complete gearbox repair, Precision Run Testing with Vibration, Thermal, and Oil Analysis.  All repairs are met with detailed inspection results, repair scope, and standard of repair on components. There is Precision Gear Metrology Standard on all maintenances measurable to AGMA 15 and Ceramic Coating on seal surfaces is our standard.

The premier gearing provider, IDC industries, is our OEM Partnership and all shops are Timken Bearing Certified. Our capabilities of production are around the clock and all staff members are expertly trained and veteran.

If you are interested in our gearbox services, contact us today and find out what Mid-State can do for you.

Valve Repair

At Mid-State, we build, rebuild and repair all makes and types of valves, specializing in the Lewis Control Valve Line.  We offer repair and calibration with reporting in house along with Pressure and Shell Testing Standards.  All repairs come with detailed inspection results, repair scope, and standard of repair on components.  Our OEM Partnership is with Lewis Valve and complete repair services are available to bodies, stems, discs, and plugs.

If you are interested in Valve Repair, contact us today and find out what Mid-State can do for you.

General Mechanical

At Mid-State, we build, rebuild and repair all Industrial and Mining Rotating Machinery, including, Trunnions, Thrust Rollers, Pinions, Headshafts, Tailshafts, Bearing Assemblies, Fans, Rollers, Presses, Rotary Feeder Valves, and beyond.  We specialize in repair and assembly of Dragline Machinery and Components, Drums, Gearing, Boom Points, Fairleads and Components, Dump Blocks, and Sheaves.  Complete repair services are available in house and in the care of veteran staff members.

If you are interested in our General Mechanical Services, contact us today and find out what Mid-State can do for you.

Facility & Equipment

Mid-State has state of the art facilities that house cutting-edge machinery, systems and expert engineers

The Mechanical Facility has a total of 18,000 square feet of enclosed space. Between our 35-ton Overhead Crane Systems, Bearing Installation Equipment, Vertical Press, and Large Horizontal Press, it is clear that our facilities are action-packed and ready for any demanding project.

Mid-State is built with intense industrial prowess and the capabilities mentioned above are just a fraction of what our facility has to offer. Simply put, our capabilities are massive and however demanding a project is, our facilities are prepared and overly capable in producing and executing any job at hand. Contact us today and find out more about Mid-State’s Mechanical Department and what it can do for you.

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