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At Mid-State, our Fabrication Department is known as the most elite and cutting edge in its class. Our level of expertise and technical capabilities is unparalleled anywhere else in the Fabrication and Welding Market.

Within our 100,000 square foot enclosed facility is where state of the art machinery, systems, and unimaginable capabilities are housed. All of our fabrication and welding is done in-house, and is meticulously handled by an expert team of seasoned fabrication professionals that produce remarkable final products – all of it seamlessly processed through our facility and supporting departments, around the clock, 24/7.

Fabrication of all types of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum weldments are produced in our facilities, such as:

  • Heat Exchanger Shells
  • ASME Tanks
  • Chutes
  • Hoppers
  • Transition pieces
  • Fabrication of Concentric reducers, Eccentric reducers, and special fittings
  • General pipe and flange fabrication in all sizes and alloys
  • All alloys of Stainless Steel
  • All types of high carbon alloy carbon steel
  • Fabrication of close tolerance weldments that require machining during and after fabrication

Mid-State’s fabrication capabilities are immense and what has been described above is only the tip of the iceberg. Almost all of our customers are returning and overwhelmingly satisfied customers, as our quality of work, craftsmanship and quick turnaround is unprecedented. Our professionalism, knowledge, and decades of experience in fabrication is immeasurable and serves as testimony of Mid-State’s elite class.


Handling Equipment

Machinery such as 40-ton Overhead Crane Systems, Sandblast and Painting Facility, Submerged Arc Welding Systems and much more help us effectively deliver.

Custom Fabrication

Our professionalism, knowledge and decades of experience in Fabrication is immeasurable and serves as testimony to Mid-State’s elite class.

100,000 Sq. Ft. Facility

Our Fabricating and Welding Facility has approximately 100,000 square feet of enclosed area to facilitate the most demanding projects.

Advanced Cutting

With Plasma and Oxygen-Acetylene cutting it is clear that our facilities are action-packed with elite, high-quality machinery and ready for any demanding project.

Chute Fabrication

At Mid-State, our team of expert engineers and highly skilled craftsman work seamlessly together to manufacture and fabricate discharges, transfer chutes and hoppers that will fit your transferring needs. Whether a transfer chute is needed at a phosphate mine or at an airport, we can accommodate and customize our design for the desired industry.

We understand that transfer chutes can easily become a costly maintenance ordeal if they are not properly designed and our experts work diligently to ensure proper design so that chutes work, as they should, from inception and beyond for years to come. We use the highest quality materials and will engineer to your specific constraints to ensure proper flow.

Duct Fabrication

Our team of expert engineers and highly skilled craftsman work seamlessly together to manufacture and fabricate Duct Systems with the highest-quality materials and meticulous engineering. Planning, sizing, optimizing, detailing, and finding pressure losses are all a part of our engineering process to ensure our Duct Systems work properly and efficiently. We work with a variety of materials and produce from Rectangular to Spiral Duct Systems.

Contact us today and learn more about our Duct Fabrication and what we can produce for you.

Heat Exchangers

At Mid-State, we have fabricated numerous types and styles of heat exchangers over the years for use in the Phosphate Industry, Chemical Plants, Power Plants, and many more industries too numerous to name. In every case, these heat exchangers are critical pieces of the process and as such, must be fabricated within specific tolerances to ensure the desired design parameters are met. Our heat exchangers are ASME vessels that can range from 10 inches up to 20 feet in diameter. All of our manufacturing is done in-house and is managed by veteran and highly skilled engineers and craftsman. Everything is customizable and our fabrication capabilities make for complete customer satisfaction throughout the process. If you are interested in our heat exchangers, contact us today to learn what Mid-State can do for you.

Industrial Dryers

Mid-State’s immense fabrication capabilities enable us to fabricate industrial dryers in-house that can be customized to the exact dimensions and specifications desired by any customer. Our skilled engineers and highly trained craftsman are well versed in dryer fabrication and design and are well equipped to produce elite quality industrial dryers made to function efficiently and built to last. The most common types of industrial dryers are fluidized bed dryers, rotary dryers, rolling bed dryers, conduction dryers, convection dryers, and dispersion dryers. Our Fabrication capabilities are massive and allow for customers to choose the dryer that meets their needs and allow us to do the rest.

Interested in our Industrial Dryers? Contact us today and find out what Mid-State can do for you.


Need a trommel designed or fabricated? We can handle that too.

Used mainly in the mineral processing and solid waste industries, trommels are a rotating equipment used to separate materials. Mid-State has extensive knowledge designing and fabricating trommels of all sizes. Our trommels are designed and manufactured in house by expert engineers and highly skilled craftsman. Mid-State uses elite-quality materials to ensure that all trommels are produced to last and perform with the highest efficiency. We manufacture a variety of designs and can customize according to each customer.

Interested in a Trommel? Contact us today and find out what Mid-State can do for you.

Industrial Piping

At Mid-State, we fabricate Industrial Piping built specifically to customer specifications and include ASME, ASME B31.1 and B31.3. We also hold certification in Pressure Piping. All Piping projects are managed by expert and highly tenured engineers and skilled craftsman, and all work is performed in-house with unprecedented turn-around. Our fabrication capabilities allow for total customization and nothing but elite, high-quality materials are used for Piping manufacturing.

If you are interested in Industrial Piping, contact us today and find out what Mid-State can do for you.


At Mid-State, we have the capabilities and know how to fabricate all types of structural equipment including platforms, walkways, ladders, and any type of equipment structure that will support working machinery. All structural products are fabricated in-house with unprecedented turn-around. Our expert engineers and highly qualified craftsman oversee all fabrication, and all products are manufactured with high-quality, elite materials to ensure longevity and efficient functionality.

If you are interested in any Structural Fabrication, contact Mid-State today and find out how we can accommodate your needs.

Bins & Hoppers

If you have a bin or hopper need, then Mid-State is your one stop shop, as we fabricate all types of Bins and Hoppers for numerous industries. All Bins and Hoppers are manufactured according to customer specifications. Everything is fabricated in-house with unprecedented turn-around. Our expert engineers and high quality, skilled craftsman oversee all fabrication, and all products are manufactured with high-quality, elite materials to ensure longevity and efficient functionality.

If you are interested in Mid-State’s Bins and Hoppers, contact us today and find out what we can do for you.


Mid-State has state of the art facilities that house cutting edge machinery, systems and expert engineers

The fabrication and welding facility has a total of 100,000 square feet of enclosed space that houses an immense amount of fabricating capability that is unmatched anywhere in our market. Whether it is being lifted with our 40 ton overhead crane system or being sandblasted and painted prior to delivery in our dedicated painting facility, you can rest assured that Mid-State has the capability and knowledge to handle your project in-house. Some of our in-house capabilities include:

  • Submerged arc welding systems (Pandjiris 12’ 600 Amp / Pandjiris 14’ 1000 Amp)
  • Structural Rolling Machinery (Round O)
  • Press Brakes (500T and 16’ Pacific / 750T x 14’)
  • Plate Rolls (3/4 x 11’-6” Webb / 5/8 x 10’ Bertsch)
  • Welding Machines (20 XMT 450 Miller / 5 Pipe Work Miller / 10 Delta Weld Miller / 5 Lincoln DC 400 / 5 Lincoln DC 600)
  • Cranes (10 Ton / 15 Ton / 20 Ton, 25 Ton)
  • CNC Burning Machinery
  • Vibratory Stress Relieving for weldments
  • Plasma and Oxygen-Acetylene cutting

Mid-State is built with intense industrial prowess and the capabilities above are not even the beginning of what we have to offer. Simply put, our capabilities are massive and however demanding or complex a project is, our facilities are prepared and overly capable in producing and executing any job at hand.

Contact us today to find our more about Mid-State’s Fabrication Department and what it can do for you.

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