Electrical Services

At Mid-State Industrial Maintenance, we focus on electrical safety first and foremost

We are committed to providing quality electrical installations. We take pride in our commitment to provide a safe work environment, to ensure to our employees and those working in and around any facility to have a peace of mind of their safety. We hold ourselves to a high standard regarding safety, quality, and production to ensure to our clients they have made the right choice for their electrical needs.


Switchgear and Motor Control Center (MCC)

  • New Switchgear / MCC Install: Layout of housekeeping pad / stub ups before concrete, setting and constructing cabinets, pulling all cables, and terminating 
  • Switchgear / MCC Maintenance: Taking out breakers for inspection, cleaning inside and out, and inspection of busbar
  • Switchgear / MCC Change Outs: Marking existing cables, re-labeling / upgrade labels, removing cables, demo existing switchgear / MCC, and install new


  • Change Outs: De-termination and re-termination
  • Maintenance: Troubleshooting controls, megger / rotation testing of motors and leads
  • New Install: Conduit, wire pull, flexible conduit to motor, termination
  • Installation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)


  • Bending / Installing of All Conduit Types and Sizes: Rigid Metal Conduit (RMC), Intermediate Metal Conduit (IMC), Electrical Metal Tubing (EMT), Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (Rigid PVC), Electrical Non-Metallic Tubing (ENT), Flexible Metal Conduit (FMC), and Liquid-tight Flexible Metal Conduit (LFMC)
  • Repairing, supporting, and demoing

Cable Tray

  • Installation: From small to large
  • Repair: Busted, overloaded, and collapsed 
  • Covering: Installing cable tray covers

Cable / Wire Pulls

  • Any size of cable / wire, at any length
  • Installing cable tray rollers 
  • Setting up cable tuggers
  • Setting up spools on stands or rollers


  • Ground grids 
  • Exothermic welding 
  • Mechanical grounding 
  • Ground rod installing 
  • Equipment grounding

Temporary Power

  • Install: Setting up temporary power from switchgears, MCC’s, distribution panels, disconnects, welding receptacles, generators, etc.
  • Installation of permanent temporary power for outages, maintenance, and convenience  
  • Maintain: 24-hour power coverage during critical activities
  • Equipment: Office trailers, fab areas, welders, power packs, stress machines, milling machines, transformers, pumps, etc.
  • Lighting: Parking lots, work areas, walkways, boilers, confined spaces, explosion proof areas, etc.


  • Electrical Equipment: MCCs, motors, lighting, switches, controls, VFDs, transformers, breakers, starters, panels, fuses, etc.


  • Installation of new lighting circuits for high bays, wall packs, stanchions, strips, spotlights, flood lights, emergency, exit, etc. 
  • Retrofit old fixtures with new LED bulbs
  • Repair existing lights, conduit, and circuits 


  • Installing process meters and devices
  • Bending and installing stainless instrument tubing
  • Calibrating 

Fire Alarm Systems

  • Installation of fire alarm systems (with drawings provided) and commissioned by certified Fire Protection Contractor

Welding / Fabrication & Install

  • Weld (fabrication / install) of support systems for any electrical devices
  • Conduit / cable tray supports etc.

Underground Installation

  • Excavation of trenches for conduit installation
  • Install PVC conduit(s) all sizes to accommodate electrical systems

Duct Bank / Trim Way Installation

  • Installation of duct bank / trim ways for electrical cables
  • Maintenance / repair / replace of duct bank / trim way covers, etc.

High Voltage Cable Terminations

  • Installation of high voltage termination kits for high voltage electrical systems 5KV and up (switch gears, motors etc.)

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