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Deep knowledge, decades of experience, and certified welding inspectors (CWI) On staff catering to the mining industries

In the mining industry, heavy duty machinery is used as a main excavating tool in surface mining operations across the globe. Weighing up to 15 million pounds, draglines are some of the biggest machines on Earth, and are capable of removing extreme amounts of overburden in just minutes, making them some of the most productive and versatile machines in the industry. Maintaining these colossal machines requires a high degree of knowledge, safety, and expertise of the highest caliber. At Mid-State, we have been working on and maintaining draglines for over 50 years.

Mid-State’s Dragline Repair division has deep knowledge, decades of experience, and Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) on staff to help ensure all maintenance and repairs go as smooth as possible to keep your units up and running efficiently.  With three facilities in Florida, along with warehousing capabilities, certified OEM rigging, a custom developed QC program, and a unique documentation protocol – Mid-State is the premier choice for dragline repair and maintenance – not only in Florida, but across North America.

Dragline maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Engineering (in-house and 3rd party)
  • Any and all types of fabrication needs via our in-house 100,000 square foot fabrication shop
  • Field Support – including installations, and regular, ongoing maintenance with full quality control with level 2 NDEs; heavy mechanical work including gearbox rebuilds, bearing replacements, and sheave and bushing repairs, etc.
  • Field Engineering (onsite as required)
  • Precision laser alignment
  • Electrical Services – all types of electrical and instrumentation work
  • Bucket repairs and rebuilds
  • Dragline relocation experts
  • Emergency, 24/7 response support

With our amazing team and years of experience, Mid-State has the proven ability to deliver the highest standards in dragline services and to provide innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs when it comes to ensuring the overall maintenance health of their dragline operations.

We are your turnkey dragline maintenance provider.

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