CNC Pipe Fabrication

We Can Make Your Pipe Dreams a Reality – We Have the In-House Capabilities and Expertise to Handle All of Your Pipe Fabrication Needs

At Mid-State, our Pipe Fabrication Department is known as the most elite and cutting edge in its class, with a level of experience and technical capabilities that are unmatched.

Our Pipe Fabrication department is located in a dedicated 20,000 square foot facility that houses state of the art machinery, systems and capabilities that are both endless and immense - all of it designed to meet your pipe fabrication needs regardless of type or size, from 1.5" to 108" diameter.

All of our fabrication and welding is done in-house and is meticulously handled by an expert team of seasoned craftsman that produce amazing final products around the clock, 24/7.


With pipe diameter capability ranging from 1-1/2” up to 36” Our Watts-Muller thermal 3D profile cutting machine has a 6-axis head that easily handles round pipe of all types – carbon steel, stainless, and other alloys - and is outfitted with 3D software which enables it to be programmed quickly, allowing for multiple cuts to be processed with extreme accuracy. With our CNC controlled capabilities, achieving accurate straight cuts, laterals, saddles, or branches is a breeze, so you can rest assured your pipe fabrication will be right the first time.

Better accuracy = higher quality fit ups = far fewer installation issues

With the ability to cut, cope, and bevel using either plasma or oxyfuel, there really isn’t a pipe job we can’t handle.


  • 6-axis profiling carriage on precision machined and hardened track.
  • Simultaneous motion maintains the torch cutting position along the linear axis of the pipe and perpendicular to the linear axis to perform beveled holes and end cuts.
  • Tracking torch head includes vertical and horizontal tracking mechanism to maintain torch height and pipe centerline to automatically compensate for bent or out of round pipe.
  • Floating pipe clamp with locking mechanism for accurate rotate eliminates pipe walk
  • (6) overhead cranes ranging from 3 to 5 tons to handle your pipe safely and efficiently throughout the process
  • (2) 40’ spool weld fixtures
  • (6) pipe positioners

Mid-State Excels at Pipe Fitting and Weld Out Too

With over 50 years of experience in fabrication and machining, you can rest assured our knowledge and expertise on pipe fitting and welding techniques runs deep. Our expert craftsman carry numerous welding certifications and decades of experience in all types of welding – whether it needs to be migged or tigged, and is carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless, or something more exotic – we can handle it.

At Mid-State, we fabricate Industrial Piping built specifically to customer specifications and include ASME, ASME B31.1 and B31.3. We also hold certification in pressure piping. All of our piping projects are managed by highly qualified, experienced engineers and craftsman and is performed in-house with unprecedented turnaround. Our fabrication capabilities allow for total customization and nothing but elite, high quality materials are used for piping manufacturing.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is vital with every new endeavor. Therefore, a stringent quality control program that includes a published quality assurance manual and dedicated quality manager is used to control every phase of the process from fabrication to machining to mechanical repairs. From the inspection of incoming raw materials, through final inspection of the finished product, everything is closely monitored to ensure that our products meet required industry standards. All welding operations are performed by welders certified as per the applicable contract code and we have in-house inspectors that perform necessary testing.

CAD Software Capability

Our 3D software capability can import parts and complete design spools of most well-known software CAD systems such as:  Acorn, AutoDesk, Aveva, COMPRESS, Intergraph, Pro CAD, Pro Engineer, SPOOLCAD, Solid Works orTekla Structures and many others.

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