Mid-State Industrial Maintenance Celebrates Fifty Year Milestone

March 16, 2023 LAKELAND, FL – Mid-State Industrial Maintenance is celebrating 50 years in business in 2023. Mid-State was founded in 1973, primarily as a welding and machine shop and has now grown to a company that boasts a work force of 1,000 plus, serving the industrial maintenance needs of over 500 customers located across much of North America.

“I never had a vision of a 50-year legacy company but, as it turns out because of the hard work and dedication of so many good people that have contributed to our history, Mid-State Industrial has been able to develop into a company with an outstanding past present and future.” stated, Hal Kersey, Founder.

Since the beginning, Mid-State has been a forerunner in its class, providing expert in-house machining and fabrication services with large scale capabilities. Mid-State offers expert engineers and shop personnel that work meticulously in manufacturing, repairing, designing, disassembling, and transporting expertly designed equipment and machinery ranging from gearboxes and trommels, to structural piping, tanks and more.

Mid-State has always had the vision of creating an outsourced equipment maintenance company, complete with total customer satisfaction realized through impeccable craftsmanship of product.

Former COO, John Hooten, “We saw that growth and longevity would come from field work. The biggest accomplishment we achieved early on was the transitioning from a fundamental shop business to a field business focused on meeting the needs of our customers in the field.”

Mid-State Industrial has also expanded in recent years to include a family of companies that include SMS Industrial Services (2020), Mine Equipment & Design (2020), ELMCO Industrial Services (2021) and Precision Electric (2022).

“I see our future as unlimited. Our customer base, our reach, our expertise, and our reputation are all growing more than we could have ever imagined.”, said former CEO, Jeff Clyne.

 “I like creating jobs for people. I want to build a legacy for this business where we add additional, professional folks around the country as we continue to migrate into all fifty states.”, said Shawn Toney, current CEO.

Founded in 1973, Mid-State provides design, fabrication, and installation services to the agriculture, energy, and heavy industrial markets throughout North America and the Caribbean. We respond and resolve critical complex scenarios with efficiency and value-added knowledge that minimize operational downtime and costs. Our dedicated and competent team of professionals is committed to a culture of safety that permeates every aspect of our mission.

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